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Auto-enrolment – Workplace Pensions – Are you ready?

This is new legislation and affects EVERY employer. It is compulsory by law for all employers to provide a workplace pension scheme. You have probably seen the adverts on TV and may have received letters from the Pensions Regulator.

All employers must offer all employees the option to join a workplace pension.

Have you reached your staging date yet? A number of our clients have already passed their staging dates and we have been able to support them with their auto-enrolment requirements. We are now calculating their pension contributions and also liaising with their chosen pension providers making it easier for them.

The staging dates are coming sooner and sooner and are now affecting smaller employers. If you have any employees, even if you have no PAYE scheme, you must offer for your employees to join your pension scheme.

Before you reach your staging date, you MUST:

  1. Nominate your contact
  2. Decide on the pension scheme that best suits your business
  3. Inform your employees on their rights regarding your pension scheme

All this should happen BEFORE you reach your staging date.

If you would like any help or would like to discuss the new legislation, contact Jenny, Ron or Sue today in our offices to find out more about your requirements.

To find out more information on auto-enrolment visit the pensions regulator site: www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk